Saturday, 1 September 2012

cara yang betul untuk share iklan SAYS.MY supaya tidak di gantung

Pernah tak account korang suspended atau pun kena gantung?

kat bawah ni ada cara yang betul untuk anda supaya account anda  tidak kena gantung.
sumber :

1. Real sharers share like they always do
When you share good stuff with friends, sometimes you just make a post on your Twitter, blog, or Facebook. Sometimes you tag a few friends, or elaborate why the content in the link is so awesome. We’re the social media generation, we know how to share good stuff with friends, and when it comes to SAYS, we share like how we always do.
2. Real sharers don’t trick or beg people to click on stuff
SAYS sharers shall never ask others to click on their unique links including using phrases such as “Click this link”, “Help me click” or other similar language, or use misleading methods to get clicks, including (but not limited to) using phrases or images which have no co-relation to the content in the link! That’s evil.
3. Real sharers never spam
SAYS sharers shall never share links on pages and websites that they do not own. Especially the SAYS Facebook Page, Brand Facebook Pages, Forums, and Job Sites. When you share, you represent SAYS, and SAYS does NOT spam.
4. Real sharers don’t artificially boost Unique Visits
SAYS sharers don’t click on their own unique links or inflate clicks artificially. This means automated pop up scripts, ‘cleaning cookies’, using multiple machines, mutual click rings (I click for you, you click for me groups), and anything outside of how you usually share good stuff with friends is a breach of trust.
5. Real sharers don’t use multiple accounts or false identities on SAYS
SAYS sharers only maintain one SAYS account and never attempt to create duplicate accounts. SAYS is a community where real people share good stuff with their friends.  Claiming to be another person, creating multiple accounts or falsely representing an organisation breaks this trust and damages everyone in the community.
Cara yang salah adalah...
1. share link kat pages FB atau website yang bukan kita punya.
2. click dekat link kita sendiri
3. buat banyak account
4. paksa orang lain click link kita sendiri

siapa pernah kena suspended? :)

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  1. sy pon pena kene suspended. tapi lame kene tunggu nk dpt balik duit tu. dy akan hntar kat email. tp lambat laun dpt jugak duit tu cuma lambat je.

  2. Berapa lama dia nk bg duit tu blk?